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Heritage Projects

Our team are experts in the intricate process of restoring and renovating heritage homes and buildings. We ensure the utmost care is taken to revive interiors and exteriors according to Heritage regulations, and the results will bring the beauty of a bygone era, back to life.

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Preserving and restoring a cherished heritage home or building is a passion of ours at Merc Group Projects.

We understand the meticulous and delicate processes required to preserve the beauty and history of your heritage project, for generations to come. 

From stately homes to industrial and commercial landmarks, we are dedicated to restoring these buildings to their former glory.


Not only do we bring the original beauty back to each and every heritage project we undertake, but we also ensure that all standards and requirements are met according to Heritage Victoria's Heritage Act, 2017.

extent of services

Interior restorations
Exterior restorations
Original colour matching
Aged cast iron fences, fretwork, shingles
Ceiling restoration
Strict adherence to Heritage regulations


heritage home ext sq 2

Heritage Facade before

proj mg heritage patcgh sq

Heritage patchwork

heritage fence 1 sq

Heritage Fence preparation

heritage ceiling 1 sq

Ornate Ceiling restoration

heritage fence finshed sq 3

Heritage Fence restoration

heritage home ext sq1

Heritage Facade after


Find out whether a property is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, the Victorian Heritage Inventory or is affected by a Heritage Overlay in a local planning scheme.If you head to the below website, you can type in your address and see what heritage conditions may be on your property. 


How do I know if my house or building contains asbestos?

You can head to the Australian Government’s /Asbestos Safety  & Eradication website, which has information on identifying asbestos in your homeland contacts for removal of asbestos.


If your home or building contains asbestos, we a can arrange for a professional, qualified tradesperson to remove the asbestos according to regulations.