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Coating Systems

These essential services are the vital starting point to ensure a high-quality finished product.

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At Merc Group Projects we have many years of experience in applying coating systems to suit each individual project. From  2-pack epoxies to steel finishes and concrete flooring coatings, you can trust that our expertise will ensure your project meets building standards and excels in durability. And it will stand the test of time and withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions.

The purpose of coating systems

Coating systems are a crucial part of the construction process.
Coating systems provide protection and increase the durability of various surfaces.
Their purpose can range from waterproofing, corrosion resistance, general protection, UV protection and more.


We specialise in many different coating systems.
Concrete grinding
Concrete Finishes - Exposed aggregate, Medium, low Gloss, High Gloss
Epoxy finishes
Structural Steel finishes
Metal Finishes
Anti-Graffiti Coating systems
Line marking


steel coat aged spray 2sq

Aged Spray technique

deck sq 5

Deck revitalisation

aged spray sq 1

Aged Spray technique

concrete grind 1 sq

Concrete grinding

concrete finsihed 1 sq

Polished Concrete finish

deck sq 3

Timber deck staining


Coating systems are a protective coating, designed to achieve many different results. They can contribute to structural stability, prevent corrosion, enhance energy efficiency, provide protection form the elements and more. They really are an essential part of the building process.

Leave that up to us. Each and every project will have minimum coating system requirements. As part of every project, we will determine the best coating for your project, ensure it meets industry standards while providing durability and longevity.