What started out as a family plumbing business, has evolved into a high-end Project Management company, that specialises in the unique.

Speciality finishes, attention to detail and customer service are what make us stand out.

With over 40 years of history,  our loyalty and strong client relationships are still at the core of what we do.

our commitment

We manage your entire project- so the vision that you started with on the page, becomes a reality.

And we do it with the passion, trust and care that is at the heart of any successful family business.

Building relationships is as important to us as building your vision. And with Merc Group Projects, you can trust the results will speak for themselves.

our results

We pride ourselves on our specialist techniques and our high-end methods.

We are not just a painting or building company; we understand the inner workings of every project.

Our workmanship, customer service, fast turnarounds and follow-up are second to none. So the final outcome will transcend your expectations. 



We take on projects that inspire us. The unique, the different, the ground-breaking and the challenging. 

We harness our passion to deliver something special for our clients.

From start to finish – ‘from cradle to grave’.


Our business has been built on growing and developing strong client relationships, over many years.

From our early days, our people have been the key to achieving our business ideals and outcomes.

And that remains the same today.


Our pride in the work we produce and how we operate stems from the quality of our achievements.

Those achievements come from instilling quality, confidence, self-respect and a zest for the extraordinary. 

That’s what you can expect from us, on every project.


From the very beginning, Merc Group Projects has been a family-owned business, that values its people and the relationships we build. 

Our Melbourne- based team are professional, passionate and your first point of call, in getting the job done.